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Elizabeth Taylor Posters

Famous for her beautiful, deep violet eyes, Elizabeth Taylor was also one of the greatest actresses to have ever graced the big screen. Her career spaned over decades and her achievements both on and off the stage are worthy of utmost respect. Elizabeth Taylor posters never get old and those who are passionate about decorating the house with classic images celebrating timeless stars, will not be disappointed by what awaits them at
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Elizabeth Taylor Art

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Paper Size: 12 x 18.5 Fine-Art print
Image Size: 12" x 19"
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Paper Size: 12 x 15.25 Fine-Art print
Image Size: 12" x 15"
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Paper Size: 16 x 21.75 Fine-Art print
Image Size: 16" x 22"
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Paper Size: 16 x 24.25 Fine-Art print
Image Size: 16" x 24"
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Elizabeth Taylor tasted glory for the first time with National Velvet in 1944 with the next decade marking her biggest cinematic triumphs. There are dozens of Elizabeth Taylor art prints in both black and white and vibrant colors reminding us of her role in Father of the Bride and A Place in the Sun. Both of them premiered in the early 50s and her career took a turn for the better over the next couple of years, as highlighted by the Giant and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Elizabeth Taylor printings.

A decade later and many movies in between, Elizabeth Taylor starred in the blockbuster Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She received an Academy Award for Best Actress, so it goes without saying that this Elizabeth Taylor poster can’t miss from any collection dedicated to her. For the next three decades, Liz featured in many movies covering all genres, showcasing her remarkable ability of bringing virtually any character to live. She was convincing in any role and the Elizabeth Taylor art prints are guaranteed to catch the eye of any guests laying their eyes upon them.
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