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Born and brought up in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Xavier loved art since his childhood. His was a life full of artwork. He could draw, paint, doodle or sketch on any surface that was available using any material he could lay his fingers on. He went ahead and studied Fine Art at The Central Technical School of Art. His work was quite outstanding and was very attractive. After his graduation, he began working as a faux finish painter in fabric and drapery design. Xavier developed his own way of producing his art which made his work to be easily recognizable. Currently, he’s working as a color consultant and an artist and is involved in interior design work. He has attracted a large base of loyal clients who are always looking for him whenever they have a project to be undertaken.

He works in a multitude of media and his use of color and texture displays his continuing interest in shapes and forms. He knows how to manipulate texture, color and other elements to bring a perfect balance in his art. Xavier works in both two dimensional painted images and three dimensional sculpture images. This has made him to be very popular and he interacts with many people in the course of his work. He is also interested in furniture design. Xavier recently received an honorable mention in the Bolder Furniture Competition for his chair design. His work is unique because he ensures the lines of any piece must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
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