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Adam Perez Wall Art

Adam Perez (Born in 1976) was born in Barcelona, Spain. He’s a self-taught artist who started his artistic journey when he was 18 years old. He’s collaborated with different artists through his professional career, and has absorbed from them their knowledge of the various art techniques, such as collage, mixed techniques and acrylics. On his part, Perez has contributed a lot to the arts industry by experimenting with all kinds of materials. In the course of his work, Perez has exhibited his works in different art galleries and art shows in the region of Cataluna. He’s exhibited in cities such as Barcelona, Mataro, Manresa, Vic, Gerona and Tarragona. Around 2006, he initiated his digital phase that’s characterized by the use of software applications such as Photoshop. In this process, he applies for digital collage, digital painting and even digital touches.

Currently, he collaborates with different plastic artists and carries out works of varied content and nature, showing interest in the most varied, original and current subjects. He loves his works and loves to experiment a lot. Perez is also open to learning new techniques and styles from his colleagues and has earned a lot of respect from his peers and from his clients because of his keenness to detail. Many of his recent subjects include musical and urban themes. In many art exhibitions, his art has always been the center of attraction. He has attracted quite a number of esteemed clients who are spread throughout the world. He gets many positive reviews from art critics.
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