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Michael Kahn is widely known for his photographs of sailing vessels. Traveling along the coast of New England to the Chesapeake Bay, and throughout the Adirondack Mountains, Kahn photographs sailboats and coastal scenes in all of their intrinsic beauty. His ability to capture nautical detail, from the billowing sails to the weather-worn knots, makes his photographs unique. Kahn's images have been featured in many national magazines and newspapers including Architectural Digest, Women's Day and The New York Times. He is represented in the corporate collections of several of America's largest banks as well as in many private collections. His black and white photographs were featured in a large format book entitled Brandywine (1990). When we talked with Kahn recently, he shared with us his enthusiasm about a recent trip to the Caribbean where he photographed clipper ships in Antigua. Kahn is constantly on assignment for advertising projects and lifestyle articles. His love of the outdoors, combined with his knack for being in the right place at the right time, give his work a timeless quality.
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