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David Hockney has often been regarded as a playboy of the art world. He has had lascivious relationships, and he has run among strange and crazy artistic circles. Yet he has always retained a sense of stability in his life through his constant and tireless devotion to his work. Hockney is an artist that has always enjoyed success and praise, facing little to no hardship in his career. What is interesting about his life is not the problems he has encountered, but the strides he has taken to bypass much human suffering and malaise. From a splash in a turquoise pool to a drive along a winding canyon road, the British artist's captivating paintings capture the essence of Southern California. Born on 9 July 1937 to a working class family in Bradford, England, Hockney began his studies at Bradford School of Art in 1953. In 1959 the artist moved to London to continue his studies at the Royal College of Art. Hockney's early works, frequently homoerotic in content, were stylistically influenced by Jean Dubuffet, founder of the Art Brut movement. While labeled a Pop artist, Hockney's wide ranging works are impossible to catagorize under one movement. The artist first visited Los Angeles in 1963 and immediately embraced the free-wheeling West Coast lifestyle, moving his studio there in 1964. This move was to play a pivotal role in the development of Hockney's signature style. In California, Hockney switched from an oil to an acrylic palette of saturated color to achieve the smooth flat surface that characterizes his work. The artist also began experimenting with the medium of photography and often used photographs as studies for his canvases.

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