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Matthew Hillier's extraordinary wildlife paintings offer the viewer a unique vantage point. His paintings reflect more than the physical characteristics of a species; they reveal something of its personality. Hillier was born in Buckinghamshire, England, and grew up near Windsor Castle. A member of the Society of Animal Artists, he has traveled widely in search of subjects to study and paint and he has won the Bronze Medal from The Society of Animal Artists. In 1995, he won the World Wildlife Fund Fine Art Award. He was also the 1998 winner of The People's Choice Award at the Florida Wildlife and Western Art Expo. Today, Matthew Hillier lives in West Sussex, England and using acrylics, he paints his favorite subject, wildlife, and his limited edition prints have been published by Mill Pond Press since 1997. Matthew has created artwork for the book, The Rhinoceros, a monograph published by Basilask Press, and he is also a regular contributor to the wildlife section of The Guiness Book of Records. He says of his subjects, "I will paint anything that moves. I paint animals because I love animals, and part of loving animals is being concerned about what's happening to species in the wild."
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Paper Size: 14 x 26 Fine-Art print
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