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Frank Morrison was born in Boston in 1971 and moved with his family to New Jersey in 1980. A self-taught artist, he began his career as a pre-adolocent graffiti artist. As a member of a break-dancing crew, while touring Europe, he visited the Louvre museum in Paris and was inspired to choose painting as a career. His work is steeped in old world values of family, community and religion though typically rendered with mirth and high-spiritedness. The artist feels, he says, “tremendously blessed by the gifts of talent and family”, and the artist consistently acknowledges this by registering his “Thanks to God” with his trademark inscription “TTG” found in each of his work. The artist, who often paints in small formats, has an enthusiastic following and has become very popular with young collectors. Among the collectors of his work are Bill Cosby and New Orleans Senator, Gregory Tarver. Recent commissions include Essence Communication’s Music Festival Poster. The artist and father lives in New Jersey with his family.
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Paper Size: 27 x 33.5 Fine-Art print
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